Japanese govt to subsidize increased production of processing potatoes

Image result for japanese potato farmerIt is reported in the Japanese press that the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries will apparently support increased production of potatoes used for potato chips with subsidies. Due to the fact that potato chips fell short of the nationwide demand when unsettled weather curtailed processing potato production, the government reportedly included approx. 3 billion yen in the preliminary budget for 2018. The government is said to assist growers in particular with expenses necessary for increased production of seed potatoes and for acquiring machinery that will result in cost savings when expanding the cropping area of ​​processing potatoes. The government will further support the introduction of pest and disease resistant potato varieties. Last year the Island of Hokkaido, which accounts for about 80% of domestic potato production, was hit by heavy rain and typhoons. Many potato fields were severely affected at the time. (Full report in Japanese on Yahoo Japan)