Agrifirm introduces TopCote Potato: An innovative new coated fertiliser granule mix

The company Agrifirm in the Netherlands recently introduced a new fertilizer concept in the Netherlands: TopCote Potato. That is in essence a mix of coated and uncoated potato fertilizers. Due to the coating, nitrogen is gradually becomes available, or slowly released for plant use. TopCote Potato is said to feature a unique composition of coated and uncoated fertiliser granules. The phased/slow release of minerals and nutrients means the needs of the potato crop are optimally supported throughout the growing season. The use of TopCote Potato is said to be more effective in this respect if compared with regular fertilisers, and according to Agrifirm, use of TopCote Potato results in demonstrably better crop yields. TopCote potato was presented during PotatoEurope and will be available from December 2017.

“Our composition of coated and uncoated fertiliser granules is unique,” said Karin Oonk-Nooren, Fertiliser Knowledge Coordinator at Agrifirm Plant. “In recent years we have been thoroughly testing the TopCote mix on both test fields and on the actual farms of our members. We are proud of the results: even on sandy soils the combination of TopCote Potato and a minimum amount of additional fertiliser produced considerably better yields than with the application of existing fertilisers”.

In experiments carried out at Zwaagdijk Taste Farm in the Netherlands during 2016, potato yields of potato crops were found to be 6% higher when using TopCote fertilizers compared to traditional fertilizers. TopCote is specifically adapted to the crop and soil type. The mix for propagating material contains nitrogen and magnesium and provides the crop with a basic dosage between planting and ridging that supports it throughout the growing season. With ware potatoes, TopCote Potato is specifically blended for crops in lighter, sandy soils in the South-East Netherlands. This mix supplements the nitrogen application from animal manure and ensures sustained nitrogen supply throughout the growing season. Full report in English. Full report in Dutch