Call for more potato-processing capacity: Has Grimme got the answer?

Call for more potato-processing capacity: Has Grimme got the answer?Grimme’s range of potato handling equipment has been given a boost, thanks to the new addition of the PowerCombi to its RH line-up. It will be at Agritechnica (in Germany) in November. Claimed to be operating with up to 98% efficiency and requiring only one individual to run it; the new grader has a receiving hopper with a capacity of 28m³, followed by three 2.4m-wide PU (polyurethane plastic) coil separators and, finally, an optical sorter. In totality, this results in a supposed output of around 100t/hour – a 25% increase on previous models. A “well-positioned and spacious” inspection platform is said to offer good all-round visibility, enabling a view over the “whole separation system”. In other Grimme news, the manufacturer also recently unveiled what it describes as “its biggest ever self-propelled potato harvester”. With no less than 530hp at its disposal (courtesy of a Mercedes engine), the four-row Ventor 4150 comes with a capacious 15t hopper (bunker). More