Canada, US: Prince Edward Island donating potatoes and other produce to hurricane victims in southern US

potatoes-083.jpgPrince Edward Island (P.E.I.) farmers on the east coast of Canada are sending some of the province’s best produce to the Southern U.S. to help those affected by hurricane Irma. Wednesday, a tractor-trailer with more than 40,000 pounds of fresh produce will leave P.E.I. for Georgia where it will be distributed to victims and first responders. The trailer will include 17 pallets of produce donations, from five to 50-pound bags of potatoes from growers and packers throughout the Island, to carrots and rutabagas from the P.E.I. Vegetable Growers Co-Op. “The PEI Potato farmers always rise to a need and this is no exception, even during the busy harvest time,” said Rodney Dingwell, chair of the P.E.I. Potato Board. “We have a very generous industry and it gives me great pride that we are so quick to respond when someone is in need. Not only with our own communities, but as far away as the southern U.S.” More