Tomra launches enhanced sorting machine to remove foreign objects

Image result for Tomra potatoTomra Sorting Food has launched an enhanced sorting solution which removes more than 98% of all typical foreign objects found in product streams after washing and peeling. The enhanced sorting machine uses top and bottom sensor banks to view each individual object “in flight”. Its combination of pulsed LED, camera, NIR (Near InfraRed) and advanced analysis techniques achieves stable, trouble free, foreign object detection within a 1 millimeter precision. The TOMRA 5A’s advanced detection capability is combined with the company’s Smart rejection technology, to significantly increase the range of foreign objects that can be removed, including heavy and floating stones, corn cobs and roots, wood, glass, plastics, golf balls and metals as well as many others. This technology also ensures the food safety of the whole potato along the entire processing line. In addition, it reduces the risk of foreign objects damaging cutting equipment or otherwise contributing to a line stoppage. Read more