Ireland: Meade Potato Co to host a day in the life of a spud

As part of the Boyne Valley Food Series, Meade Potato Company are inviting customers to come and have a behind-the-scenes tour of their farm this week. Spud lovers can attend the company’s farm in Lobinstown and experience a day in the life of the spud – from farm to bag. Friday, September 29th, visitors will be given the opportunity to see what goes into making the perfect spud, from planting to packing. They will learn all about potato varieties, environmentally responsible potato production and much more besides. Afterwards, Meade Potato Co will be treat their guests to a special Bangers & Mash Global dinner on site at the farm, which will feature sausages from the Whole Hogg and, of course, the spud, in all its various guises from around the world – Irish colcannon and potato cakes to the French potatoes Dauphinoise to Swedish Hasselback to Indian curried potatoes. More