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GRIMME presents brand new 4-row self-propelled potato harvester

GRIMME presented their brand new 4-row self-propelled VENTOR 4150 potato harvester at the Agritechnica 2017 event, complete with a 15 tonne unloading bunker. The crucial element of this 530 hp harvester is the integration of the proven “SE-principle” – a combined separating device, consisting of conveying, lifting and sieving webs, including the separation of vines and weed by a wide-meshed deviner web. This principle is nowadays standard for both 1-row and 2-row potato harvesters. However fitting this technology into 4-row harvesters has never previously been successful due to technological barriers. The VENTOR 4150 is the first “road legal” self-propelled 4-row potato harvester to be fitted with the SE system, which doubles productivity when compared to a 2 row harvester. This was made possible by dividing the crop flow into two main-lines throughout the whole machine. An innovative folding mechanism of the two hedgehog web – separators, which are mounted on both sides, reduced the width of the machine so that it could meet road-going specifications. More