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Aqua-Yield revolutionizes phosphorus retention

Image result for Aqua-YieldWith drastically improved phosphorus retention and application rates at only 4 ounces per acre, Aqua-Yield introduces NanoPhos, now available for a worldwide release. Established research and development results indicate what farmers have been waiting for and wanting for years; NanoPhos maximizes crops’ responses to phosphorus utilized in root, flower and general growth. It improves soil structure and organic matter, and is a critical ingredient in soil microbe populations’ health. “Aqua-Yield is taking a huge step with the release of NanoPhos,” says Clark Bell, CEO and Aqua-Yield co-founder “Why? Because we simply have to become a more efficient nation in how we apply phosphates to our crops. Today’s application methods for phosphorus make it the most wasted crop nutrient in use. More