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Potato growers make their own chips to fight the big boys

More and more often, potato growers are choosing not to take their products to large processors, because they do their own processing. Besides producing, more and more growers also process their own chips. They enter the processing industry increasingly often nowadays. One of the companies that chose to do things completely differently is Landlust Frites from Moerkapelle in the Netherlands. Derreck Bac is processing his own harvest of Agria and Frieslander into chips for the first time this year. He says it’s going well, although it’s not always easy. “There are many quality requirements. You have to bear in mind 100 things, and if you make just one mistake, quality isn’t what it should be. It’s a very precise business,” says the man running the company with his father and brother. The company Verse Boerderij Friet also makes fresh chips. The family company decided to start processing their own potatoes in 2014. One of the reasons Adriaan also started doing the processing is because he no longer wanted to be dependent on the large potato processing companies that he believes have too much power. More