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Forecasting tool named Product of the Year

Image result for R7 Field Forecasting ToolFor more than 25 years, yield monitors have helped farmers and retailers analyze in-field performance and plan for the next year. But new technologies are driving data-based decisions with much shorter turnaround times. Real-time ag technologies are here and now, and one of those is the R7 Field Forecasting Tool from WinField United in the US. “The R7 Field Forecasting Tool uses high-powered modeling for more precise and efficient management of nitrogen, potassium and water and brings that together with the on-the-ground knowledge of the ag retailer,” says Joel Wipperfurth with WinField United. He says 2017 was the pilot year for the R7 FFT. Twenty-two ag retail organizations used the tool on more than 100,000 acres. The model includes simulations of growth stages; leaf growth; biomass production; and water, nitrogen and potassium uptake. More