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Combination of mineral oils and insecticides to minimize PVY spread on seed potato farms

Potato virus Y (PVY) is one of the most damaging potato viruses and a serious threat to the successful production of an acceptable seed lot around the world. It can cause mosaic on potato leaves, and affect yield and quality. Yield losses range from 10 to 80 per cent. The use of mineral oils and a combined approach of mineral oils and crop barriers have been under the spotlight the past number of years around the world as potential practical in-season solutions to aphid control. Mineral oils are an attractive option as they can reduce toxicity to both humans and the environment; they can be applied with existing spray equipment and potentially reduce PVY spread. Recent studies have also shown that the combination of mineral oils and insecticides act to minimize on-farm PVY spread on seed potato farms. Frequent mineral oil spraying that starts early and continues all season long, supplemented often with insecticides in a simultaneous spray, have shown the greatest potential. More