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Colombia questioned about anti-dumping rules against Dutch potato sector

Image result for Colombia questioned about anti-dumping rules against Dutch potato sectorThe Netherlands has appealed to the European Commission (EC). They want the Commission to address the Colombian authorities about their anti-dumping regulations against the Dutch potato sector. According to the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in the Netherlands, Sigrid Kaag: “On 3 August 2017, the Colombian authority instigated an anti-dumping procedure against frozen potato products from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. In an interim report released on 1 November last year, the Colombian authorities established that dumping is taking place but decided not to adopt provisional anti-dumping measures. The decision concerning definite anti-dumping regulations is expected in the second half of March 2108.” Dutch potato processing companies are of the opinion that the current Colombian anti-dumping procedure has both substantive as well as procedural shortcomings. In Brazil and South Africa, there are definitive anti-dumping regulations against frozen potato products from, among other countries, the Netherlands. More