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Lay’s-PepsiCo sees ‘huge opportunities’ for premium potato chips in Argentina

Pablo García - General Manager PepsiCo Alimentos ArgentinaWhile Argentina’s salted-snack consumption is low at one kilo per person compared with the nine kilos in the US in 2017, the market has plenty of potential, says Pablo García, general manager for foods at PepsiCo Argentina. Latin America’s southern cone, comprising Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, has large development when it comes to potato chips and the segment represents half of Argentina’s salted-snack market. “Our research shows there is a large group of people looking to try new products from wine to ice-cream and salted snacks,” says García. Taking advantage of this interest, the company launched four flavors in Argentina in 2017 under its Lay’s branding. But, he says, trends in Argentina go beyond flavors. “We’re seeing see huge opportunities in developing the premium segment, because consumers now value texture. In response to that, we launched the first kettle chip in Argentina under Lay’s gourmet line, which has a harder texture compared with other chips”. Report by