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The drones are coming to spray your crops in Canada

Roga Drone is the first company to receive Transport Canada approval to apply crop protection products with a drone. “We thought there might be a little niche of aerial applications of pesticides by drones,” said Don Campbell of Roga Drone. Roga Drone will use a Kray Technologies hybrid UAV that uses both lift rotors and a fixed wing. The drone is a little more than 10 feet wide, has a 16.5-foot boom, and a 15 kilogram payload. When the wings are folded, the drone is six-by-six foot square, enabling operators to move it with a pick-up truck. The drone flies about 95 km-h at one metre above the canopy. It is fully autonomous. “You basically map in your mission beforehand, press the start button and it goes out and flies a pattern in the field. It has sensors to detect low volume or low battery. It comes back and lands, you refill, then it will go back out to where it stopped and restart from there again,” says Campbell. This summer Roga Drone plans to offer commercial application services, but its focus will be on testing how effective the drone is at applying products. More