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Touchy-feely: Wireless Spud provides real-time data on potatoes in motion

The ‘Wireless Spud‘ (Wireless Potato Node) is a unique device that helps in the identification of the exact locations where potato damage takes place when potatoes are in motion – from harvesting to grading to transport. According to the manufacturer, Orka Food Technology, the device provides real-time measures of shock, vibration, rotation, tilting and temperature to which potatoes are subjected. The data generated by the Wireless Spud can assist operators to monitor potatoes during conveying, grading and packing as well as during transportation from farm and packing locations to the final point of sale, enabling appropriate corrective actions – if needed – to reduce bruising improve operational efficiency. The device mimics the shape, size and weight of a real potato. It is said to be water resistant and can pass through standard washing installations. Data can be transmitted up to 2 km (1.2 mile) from the physical location of the device. More