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US: Wireless irrigation tool now connects with John Deere Operations Center

Image result for lindsay FieldNETLindsay Corporation has partnered with John Deere to provide growers with more irrigation data. Its pivot telemetry tool, FieldNET will now connect with the John Deere Operations Center. FieldNET is a wireless management tool that gives growers the ability to remotely monitor and control entire irrigation systems, regardless of electric pivot brand. The platform delivers real-time status updates and alerts about possible performance issues. FieldNET Advisor gives growers science-based recommendations to make faster, better-informed decisions about when, where and how much to irrigate, according to Lindsay. The new data connection will allow users of both platforms to establish an automatic flow of relevant data from the John Deere Operations Center, delivering additional data points informing irrigation recommendations from FieldNET Advisor. The data connection is now available to FieldNET and John Deere Operations Center users. More