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Data smart: Applying artificial intelligence to the humble spud

Related image“We’re going from precision agriculture to decision agriculture. And we’re trying to drive that revolution,” states Giri Baleri, VP for marketing at Resson, a university spin-out based in the New Brunswick province of Canada. Resson uses imagery combined with farm data to provide a range of analytics to growers. One goal, Baleri explains, is to detect issues like disease and pests before they arrive. The company says it is making data driven farming a reality, going beyond NDVI maps derived from satellite and drone imagery to virtually scout every part of the field to detect, classify and geo-locate specific anomalies, pests and diseases all the way down to individual plants. Resson is working with potato processor McCain Foods to improve its growers’ crops, using imagery analytics to help deliver an increase in crop yields. 

The company’s RAMAS® technology is an integrated crop assessment system using adaptive intelligence and machine learning to analyze information and provide easy-to-use tools to help simplify agronomy decisions for growers.

This year Resson will have a limited commercial roll out with potato farmers across more than 10,000 acres in eight different geographies in North America. More