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British potato packer group hopeful for recovery in potato prices

Produce Investments offered hope for a recovery in UK potato prices from multi-year lows, citing the potential for setbacks to 2018 sowings prospects helping a drawdown in inflated stockpiles. Produce Investments, one of the UK’s biggest potato packers, which counts major supermarket chains among its customers, signalled the potential for a drop in the country’s plantings this year, with a lower demand for seed. “Sales of seed potatoes were slower during the [July-to-December] period than in the prior year as the impact of a temporarily oversupplied marketplace reduced growers’ appetite for investment in the next year’s crop,” the group said. And the UK’s harsh and extended winter has slowed plantings what farmers do intend to undertake. Meanwhile, sowing of the main UK crop “has only just commenced and all indications are that spring will run later this season with planting progress delayed versus recent seasons”. Produce Investments is the parent company of one of the UK’s leading potato businesses, Greenvale AP Ltd. More