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UK: High hopes for new potato herbicide

CPM find out more about a new herbicide for use in potatoes and how it has impressed in trials giving good control of a broad range of weeds. The new herbicide which Bayer is hoping to introduce for the start of the 2019 season, approval permitting, currently carries the development code SP01664 and is in demonstration trials around the UK. Containing the active substance aclonifen, it is applied at the pre-emergence stage and offers good crop safety with no variety or soil restrictions. Bayer campaign manager for roots Edward Hagues says growers, who are facing fewer weed control options since the withdrawal of linuron, will welcome aclonifen. “It has a broad spectrum of activity with good control of small nettle, brassica weeds, chenopodium weeds such as fat-hen and orache and a range of polygonum species with a useful contribution to the control of mayweed and grass weeds (from seed).” More