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Study: Eating potatoes better for losing weight than calorie-counting

Image result for Eating potatoes better for losing weight than calorie-countingPotato lovers, rejoice! A new study has found eating spuds could actually help people lose more weight than counting calories and watching what you eat. The research, conducted by Leeds University in the United Kingdom and published in the Journal of Nutritionfound low density energy foods such as potatoes, rice and pasta are more effective when it comes to reducing food cravings. When people consume low energy density foods, they can eat bigger portion sizes to fill them up because the foods contain higher levels of water, protein and fibre, but less calories. In contrast, high energy density foods contain more calories per mouthful and aren’t as effective when it comes to curing hunger cravings. Psychologist and lead author Nicola Buckland explained 250g of potatoes contains 185 calories, the same number in a standard jam donut. More