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US: Skyline stays the course for 2018 potato program

skylinelesaldereteExpecting the 2017 storage crop to run well into the summer, Skyline Potato General Manager Les Alderete said in late April demand was good and prices have held steady so far in 2018. He said no major changes are planned for the conventional russet and organic russet and red program. “Our supplies will go through the end of July,” Alderete reported from his Center, CO, office. “The price has been steady, but demand has been a little slower than normal.” Alderete said Mexico accounts for a good portion of Skyline’s business. Alderete noted an overall increase in organic potato acres throughout Colorado’s San Luis Valley, and he noted, “There are other areas getting into organics for storage also. We’ll see how that affects us in the end.” On the issue of transportation, Alderete said trucks had started to loosen up in January, but rates are averaging 25-30 percent higher than a year ago. More

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