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Argentina: Scientists develop non-browning potatoes using CRISPR gene editing

non browning potato crispr 382377Researchers of the INTA [Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria], Balcarce, have edited the genome that causes enzymatic browning in potatoes, alters the nutritional properties and quality of the tubers. “We verified that we are capable of generating, within a potato cell, a gene editing machinery that specifically targets the chosen gene and changes its genetic sequence,” explained Sergio Feingold, director of the INTA’s Agrobiotechnology Laboratory. “The technique used was gene editing.” The technology used is also known as “gene scissors” or CRISPR/Cas9. When applying this technique, the team led by Feingold focused on a polyphenol oxidase gene, whose enzyme causes browning in tubers when they are cut and exposed to air. More