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Peru: Biodegradable bags that can also be used as food

Concern for the environment can sharpen inventiveness, especially when people have some scientific knowledge. Around the same time that the Ministry of Environment announced its intention to gradually ban the use of plastic bags, information has emerged that researchers are working to make biodegradable bags based on potato starch. According to Celfia Obregon, president of the Center for Technological Innovation (CITE) for Potatoes and other Andean Crops, the peculiarity of this bags is that, in addition to having a much smaller impact on the environment, they can be used as a food input. “We have potatoes that have a high starch content and we are working with the University of Wisconsin, from the United States, to take advantage of the southern native potatoes in Puno to make bags, containers, and biodegradable cups from potato starch,” she said. Once they’re used, “the bags can be disposed of as they will decompose quickly, but they can also be used as an ingredient in a soup, that is, you can feed from them,” she added. More