Lamb Weston saves energy with installation of modern refrigeration equipment

Potato processor Lamb Weston recently implemented new refrigeration equipment in its Hermiston plant in the US, which company executives said will save 12 million kilowatt hours annually. Project manager Brian Jackson said the new equipment has been operational for about a year, and similar technology will be implemented at the new facility, currently being built in Hermiston. According to Project Manager, Brian Jackson: “It’s a state-of-the art engine room and refrigerating system. “It’s newer technology, and requires less horsepower for the same freezing functions.” Since 2010, Lamb Weston has participated in energy efficiency programs and has saved 34 million kilowatt hours per year – the equivalent of 3.100 homes. Lamb Weston invested $3.5 million for efficiency upgrades, and energy savings were 18 percent higher than expected. (Source: East Oregonian)