Across Regions

Fries, mash, hash browns, chips, vodka, and now… The art show that’s all potatoes

Seongmin Ahn's "Multifaceted Potato" incorporates actual potatoes. Consider the humble potato. Linguistically, it’s often used to denigrate. Unimportant things are “small potatoes,” and we all try not to be “couch potatoes.” Nearly alone among vegetables, its nutritional value is questioned by some, making mashed potatoes and french fries something of a guilty pleasure. But to artist and professor Jeffrey Allen Price, potatoes transcend their homely image. Potatoes remain “humble, earthy, versatile, and healthy,” Price says. In fact, he might be the potato’s number one hype man. Price is the proud owner of 5,000 pieces of potato ephemera, from toys to books to snacks. He collects on behalf of his Think Potato Institute, which encompasses potato art, potato music, and potato events. Until June 15, 100 of his collectables will be on display at Stony Brook University’s Charles B. Wang Center in New York. At the exhibition—titled Potasia: Potatosism in the East—the potato is king. Each and every work incorporates potatoes, whether in paint, video, or actual embellished potatoes. Potasia is the sixth potato-themed art show that Price has curated. Read more