‘Pretty, unique and tasty’: In northern Maine, a new spud rises

The University of Maine last month announced the release of the Pinto Gold, a new variety of gourmet potato developed by the school's potato breeding program.One thing you should know about Dr. Gregory Porter — the man behind the University of Maine’s well-regarded potato-breeding program — is that he is not just a researcher of potatoes, he is also a fan. “Oh, I love ’em,” Porter said last week, during a break from working the 35 acres of potato fields he oversees at the Aroostook Research Farm in Presque Isle, Maine. “I eat ’em all the time. Never get sick of ’em. I like ’em baked, like ’em roasted, like ’em scalloped…” He likes ’em so much, in fact, that — in a development that recently drew national notice — he went ahead and created a brand new one. Dubbed the Pinto Gold for its yellow flesh and distinctive patchy skin pattern, the gourmet specialty potato introduced last month by the university is said to be particularly good for roasting but versatile enough to be boiled, baked, pan-fried, or chopped up and tossed atop a salad. “Pretty, unique, and the tastiest roasting potatoes you could ever have,” is how Porter described them. Read more