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Danish growers in the grip of severe drought; millions of Euros at stake

Danish news site ATL reports that Danish farmers are seriously affected by the ceaseless drought. If the drought lasts as long as in 1992, total losses could rise to millions of euros. Precipitation in Denmark is still a no-show, and many experts are already making comparisons with the extreme drought in 1992, when agricultural yields dropped by 23 per cent. According to regional newspaper Fyens from Funen, the drought affects growers of a variety of crops, including potatoes. For example, potato grower Johnny Larsen from Blemmemølle, on the isle of Bornholm, is very worried. He installed a pump that provides his thirsty potato plants with water, but that does require power, costing him unforeseen expenses. Chairperson Carl Heiselberg of industry organisation Danske Kartofler, reports potato growers throughout Denmark are faced with these problems. According to him, 80 to 90 per cent of the total potato area is not getting enough water. Read more