Drone tech in practice: Belgian service provider employs drones to improve assessment of seed varieties

Image result for IMAGE ANALYTICS FOR OBJECTIVE PLANT VARIETY ASSESSMENTAs Belgium’s biggest service provider for agriculture and horticulture, AVEVE is continuously looking for innovative solutions. In plant breeding, specialists are looking to improve the objective quality assessment of new crop seed varieties. With mapEO, a new image processing solution for drone based phenotyping, AVEVE specialists can scale up their seed and agronomy expertise and offer the best possible varieties for every farmer. In one of their experimental fields in Belgium AVEVE grows 350 different plant varieties on 2,100 trial plots. With mapEO they use drone data to objectively monitor and evaluate the growth, health and evolution of new seed varieties. Instead of walking through all the experimental fields to check the plant characteristics, mapEO allows them to conduct their own drone flights or order a mapEO certified pilot to collect necessary data at set times using various cameras. As a result, they have an archive of images of all test plots. AVEVE  is active in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Germany. Read more