North America

Upbeat: Canadian potato growers feeling cautiously optimistic this season

Potato growers across Canada are reportedly feeling optimistic this season as increased demand for their product has created some newfound enthusiasm. The economic crash of 2008 reduced demand for Canadian spuds in some markets and the industry struggled to regain its lost footing. With the 2018 growing season well under way, there now seems to be a renewed sense of optimism among many Canadian potato growers. Kevin MacIsaac, general manager of the United Potato Growers of Canada (UPGC), says the increase is largely attributable to processing companies like McCain and Simplot expanding their production lines in this country. “The acreage in Canada will have to increase just to take care of the processing expansion that’s been occurring in several places. To accommodate that, our acreages will have to increase somewhere between two to four per cent for 2018,” says MacIsaac. The news isn’t all good, however. A situation that bears watching is the ongoing trade discussions between Canada and the United States. Read more