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UK facing ‘crisp crisis’ as ‘potato crops wrecked by Beast from the East and blistering heatwave’

First there were fears of a shortage of beer - and now it's crisps!We have already been told beer and soft drinks could run out due to a CO2 shortage. And now, we are facing a ‘crisp crisis’, it is reported. The head of a leading independent crisp makers has warned the heatwave – following on from the Beast from the East last winter – has played havoc with potato crops. Alex Albone, co-founder of Pipers Crisps, issued the warning just weeks after concerns over beer and soft drinks running out after Europe was hit by a carbon dioxide shortage. If a heatwave continues to sweep the UK, Pipers – which only uses UK potatoes – would have the option to buy produce from abroad. But Alex told the Sunday Times he would do that “virtually over my dead body”. Read more