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Is an imminent oversupply situation looming in the North-Western European potato area?

Related imageBased upon the latest NEPG (North-Western European Potato Growers) estimates, the consumption potato area in the combined 5 North-Western European countries is 595.587 ha, an increase of 1% compared to last season. The British area is still based on a 5 years average. In a press release issued earlier today, the NEPG says that given prevailing market realities measured against a healthy balance between supply and demand, the increase in planted area this season this is very likely to result in an oversupply situation in the NEPG region. However, the organization says in its press release that final yields will have much more of an impact than the planted area. It is extremely dry in the NEPG countries at this point in time, and there are areas where the crop starts suffering from a lack of water. Weather forecasts indicate that widespread rain is not expected on the short term. Poland also reports dry conditions. The NEPG however stresses that it is still too early to make yield estimations at this stage of the season. Read the full press release