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Translating research into usable ideas: Strategic Farm water trials have ‘helped me sleep at night’, says potato grower

Trials on water use completed at Elveden Farms in the UK as part of AHDB’s Farm Excellence programme have enabled Farms Director Andrew Francis to react with more accuracy during this summer’s heatwave. This was the verdict he delivered when addressing over 100 visitors to the farm for the Strategic Farm East Open Day on Thursday last week (5 July). “I don’t think any of us are sleeping very well at the moment, given the conditions, but the work we did last year has helped me get some sleep,” he said. Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager for AHDB Potatoes, Graham Bannister, said: “Growers and agronomists came together to discuss the challenges, trade solutions and increase their knowledge. This is what Farm Excellence is all about. We know how resourceful our growers are, but we are here to help accelerate innovation and the take-up of best practice if we can.” David Murdie, Potato Manager at Grampian Growers, said: “I always come away from Strategic Farm meetings with two or three things that I can share with other growers. This was an excellent, practical, event with speakers who translated research into usable ideas.” Full story