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Finally: New ‘Super Carb Diet’ is proof that cutting carbs isn’t necessary for weight loss

Image result for "super carb diet" potatoFor years, the diet industry has promoted the idea that carbs are ‘bad’ for our waistlines. If you want to be slim and fit, say goodbye to rice, potatoes and pasta (ignoring the fact, of course, that professional athletes often a mix of fast and slow release carbs into their diets). That is, until now. Because someone’s come up with the ‘Super Carb Diet’, which promotes the eating of ‘fibre-dense’ carbs. It’s the brainchild of former Biggest Loser trainer, Bob Harper, who has written a book entitled ‘The Super Carb Diet: Shed Pounds, Build Strength, Eat Real Food’. The principal is simple: adopt a maintainable, healthy, balanced, whole foods diet rich is complex carbohydrates like brown rice and potatoes, which will keep you fuller and more energised for longer. Prior to a heart attack, Bob was on a paleo-type diet, rich in protein and fat and very low in carbohydrate, and he says that its high-fat content left his body feeling off-balanced. Read more. And more