Protecting potatoes: Unearthing Scotland’s story

Image result for potatoes wildMax Coleman, Science Communicator, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE), recently told Sefari more about our much loved tatties. Coleman says Scotland is a global leader in the research and cultivation of one of our favourite foods, the potato. The Commonwealth Potato Collection (CPC), based at the James Hutton Institute) in Invergowrie, contains around 1500 samples of wild potato species that collectively form a valuable genetic resource that helps to safeguard the future development of the potato. The CPC is the second largest collection of potato genetic resources in the world, after the International Potato Center (CIP) in Peru. Scotland was at the forefront of the fight against blight.

Dundee farmer William Paterson started breeding and selecting to create new varieties that would be resistant to late blight. In the future, farming will be able to benefit from the many useful qualities found in wild species in the drive for food security. Max Coleman will be at the SEFARI stand during the Potatoes in Practice event near Dundee. Read more