Walkers to help recycle crisp packets

Gary Lineker has been the face of Walkers for 24 years. Campaigners say that the change by the market‑leading would have a huge impact on the industryBritain’s biggest crisp manufacturer is promising to make its bags easier to recycle after being threatened with a boycott by environmental campaigners. Managers at Walkers crisps, which is owned by PepsiCo, yesterday met Geraint Ashcroft, who organised a petition signed by 300,000 people calling for the company to use recyclable packaging. The bags are currently made from layers of plastic and aluminium which prolong the life of the crisps but are very rarely recycled because of the difficulty of separating the materials. Most crisp manufacturers use similar bags, but Walkers is by far the biggest company, producing 11 million bags a day. Crisp bags are one of the most common items dropped as litter. Read more