Future of Britain’s Maris Piper potato in spotlight amid changing global markets

Piper has long led the way in term of British consumptionThe farming industry has been urged to consider the future of Britain’s most loved variety of potato – the Maris Piper. Maris Piper has been the most grown potato variety in Britain for over 20 years. But the industry is now pondering if it will stay at the top in a changing global market. Claire Hodge, Knowledge Exchange Manager at AHDB Potatoes said: “We wanted to ask those who will be shaping the industry in Britain about how they saw the potato competing in a changing global market.” Ms Hodge added: “But can Maris Piper hold out against new varieties? Can it withstand changing consumer appetites and evolution in production and processing methods?” Dr Kim Davie, ADHB Potatoes Nematology Fellow at Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA) believes that breeding resilient potatoes that are easier to grow is a key element. Read more