Potatoes fight back: Despite recent reports to the contrary, British consumers still love potatoes

Related imageThis week, media reports surfaced that ‘potato consumption is down 5%’. This is simply not the case, says industry organization AHDB Potatoes. The latest figures from Kantar WorldPanel, which covers data from all retailers, shows a 2.6% rise in consumption of potatoes since 2015, the organization says. Kantar data also shows a successive year-on-year increase since 2015 in frequency of purchase among younger consumers (22-44 year olds). One positive from the ‘news’ that potato sales are ‘down’ was that many people rushed to defend the spud. A few highlights from positive reports include a response from Hazel Flight, programme lead for nutrition and health at Edge Hill University, who said: “For a nutritious vegetable which will power up your performance – look no further than the humble spud.” In her article in Fresh Produce Journal, ​In defence of potatoes. The writers at top-website-for-youngsters The Pool say they are all for tatties..Even the BBC, who aired a show bashing spuds in July, marked their own homework and said they had mislead consumers.Read more on the AHDB Potatoes site