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Growers’ association confirms potato yield drop in the Netherlands

According to a report issued today by the Dutch growers association VTA (Verenigde Telers Akkerbouw), it is now clear that the potato and onion harvest in the Netherlands will be considerably lower than normal this year, following abundant rainfall in the beginning of the season and severe drought in the last couple of months. This is apparent from the first test digs in growers’ fields middle of August. The digs were done in potato fields of VTA members in the middle of August. Average samples yielded 36.4 tons per hectare, compared to 46.4 tons per hectare at the same time last year. This is more than 20% lower. The production is 16.1% lower relative to the 5-year average. There seems to be considerable differences between plots, though. The lowest yield estimate was even lower than 10 tons / ha, while the highest was at 61 tons / ha. As for tuber sizes, the percentage of 50 mm upwards is 52%. In 2017 this was 61%, while the five-year average is 57%. The VTA report can be read in the Dutch language