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Heatwave plays havoc on size and variety of potato chips across Europe

The poor potato harvest predicted could place pressure on potato chip producers. Pic: ©GettyImages/EvkazSnack, confectionery and potato producer associations have warned that British and European consumers can expect smaller potato chips this year. The European Snacks Association (ESA) has been tracking the issue throughout the summer, according to The various national statements [from associations like PPA, BDSI and many others] paint a clear picture that volumes in 2018 are expected to be significantly lower than average, and it is extremely likely that there will be serious issues in terms of quality and availability of potato varieties that are suitable for processing, and also for long-term storage, meaning that this is probably not a short-term issue. Commenting on how it could affect potato chip producers, Andrew Curtis of the Potato Processors Association (PPA) noted that most European processed potatoes are grown on a contract basis, meaning prices are agreed with the farmers in advance of the season. Read the full article on