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Increased contract volumes, but yields down in Canada’s Prairie provinces

Image result for potato harvest canadaThe potato acreage may have increased this year in Western Canada, but it doesn’t look like it will be the same story for yields. “I think overall it’s too early to tell because we haven’t started the main harvest, but we are not expecting as big of yield as the last couple of years,” said Dan Sawatzky, manager of Keystone Potato Producers Association in Manitoba. Behind Prince Edward Island, the Prairie provinces of Manitoba and Alberta are the top potato producers in Canada. Acreage rose on the Prairies this year due to processors increasing their contract sizes. Plants in both Manitoba and Alberta are currently working on increasing processing capacity. Simplot is currently expanding its Manitoba plant. The expansion is scheduled to come online in December, 2019. Cavendish Farms is constructing a new plant in Lethbridge, Alberta which will come online in fall 2019. For the last few years, potato yields have risen in Manitoba and Alberta, hitting record highs each year. Read more

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