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Colorado potato growers expect good 2018 crop

San-Luis-Valley-potato-harvestCooperative weather during the growing season has San Luis Valley potato industry in the US Colorado members anticipating a good crop. Companies expected solid quality and about the same volume as in 2017, with demand also holding steady. Jim Ehrlich, executive director for the Monte Vista-based Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, said there are about 52,000 acres planted this year. “We’ve had a warm summer that at our elevation is a little bit unusual, and it’s been really dry, but the crop looks really good,” Ehrlich said. “We’ve had adequate irrigation water and very few storm events, so I think we’re going to have an exceptional crop.” Ehrlich expected volume for the region to be steady, with acreage roughly the same as 2017. Jamey Higham, president and CEO of Monte Vista, Colo.-based Farm Fresh Direct, also reported that growing conditions have been solid. Read more

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