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Only in Canada: Alberta farmers fret over late-summer snowfalls

Some Alberta farmers in Canada are concerned about their crops after a late-summer snowfall blanketed parts of the province, with more flurries expected in the forecast. Early season snow can squash crops that grow upright, like wheat and barley, make them harder to harvest and decimate their quality, leaving farmers with a less valuable product. For some farmers, the snow provided a little relief. Potato farmer Gord Visser spent some sleepless nights recently worrying that impending frost could destroy a large chunk of his current potato crop, but the snow has now provided a blanket to insulate his spuds from the cold. Still, the weather delayed how soon he could harvest his 500 acres by about a week, he said, because it’s too muddy to work. He’s still got 60 per cent of the crop left to bring in and typically aims to be finished by the end of September. Now, it looks like the harvest won’t be done until October, when the risk for colder weather is higher. Read more