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UK Potato Weekly report: Lifting continues, albeit off the pace

Image result for potato harvest ukAHDB Potatoes in the UK published its Potato Weekly report on Friday. According to the report, lifting across the UK has continued this week although it remains behind normal levels. Growers continue to wait for tubers to gain bulk and for skins to set, following the drought and subsequent rains. For many, secondary growth is a concern, particularly for non-irrigated crops. That said there have been reports this week of secondary growth issues on irrigated land. Old crop availability continues to stretch, albeit with some usual deterioration. In the East, irrigation was still ongoing for some. In the West, lifting of main crop is underway and gathering pace. Yields are proving to be variable. In the South, lifting has progressed with earlies and early maincrop nearing completion. In Scotland, variability of the crop is beginning to be seen in early lifting and trial digs. While the overall yield is probably faring better than the rest of the UK, it will likely be below average. Read the full Potato Weekly report