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European drought: Avebe braces for “historically low potato harvest”

Avebe is increasing the advance payment for potatoes to €67 a ton to mitigate the impact of extreme drought and high temperatures. The Dutch potato starch manufacturer is bracing itself for a substantially lower than usual harvest this season as drought and high temperatures have battered potato yields all over Europe which will lead to a decline in the availability of potato products.

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Avebe spokesperson Janet Katerberg explains why the cooperative decided to increase the advance payment for potatoes and how Avebe will produce significantly less starch which affects cost prices. “Cooperative Avebe raised the current advance payment for potatoes and decided that the total result of this year’s income will be paid in full to the members.”

“With these measures, the cooperative members are to some extent supported in their financial liquidity. However, the cooperative realizes that for a considerable part of our members the increase can never be high enough to give serious relieve,” she says. As Europe is gripped by what many farmers are calling the “worst drought in recent history,” there are concerns over food shortages and financial troubles for Europeans. Read more