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‘Fertigation Bible’ to help growers optimise irrigation, reduce environmental impact

More than twenty innovative fertigation technologies have been exchanged between different European regions thanks to FERTINNOWA, the European fertigation knowledge transfer platform involving experts and researchers from ten countries. By promoting the exchange of new technologies between different regions, FERTINNOWA fulfils its main objective: to bridge the gap between the world of research and the daily reality of the grower, making new solutions available to them that can be adapted to their needs, and in any horticultural crop, whatever the growing system.

During the first day of FERTINNOWA’s Final Conference, the ‘Fertigation bible’ was presented in Almeria, an ambitious report that gathers the descriptions, analysis and environmental and economic evaluation of 124 fertigation techniques used by growers throughout Europe.

The “Fertigation Bible”, which is already available in English on FERTINNOWA’s website, gives an extensive overview of each of the described technologies; highlighting the regions and crops where it can be used, how it works, operating costs, and the benefits and bottlenecks faced by the grower.

More information can be found on FERTINNOWA’s website