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British mailing company now offers potato starch based wrapping solution

Chris d’Entrecasteaux, General Manager at Atlas Direct Mail in the UK announced today that the company is currently running its first potato starch poly wrap job. He says coming soon will be pre-printed poly wrap made of the potato based starch.

“Since the SITMA was installed just a few months ago it is in high demand and the number of jobs we put through each week is consistently increasing,” he told Potato News Today.

According to Chris, “I often get told poly is dead but for us it is a growing market! There are many options from standard poly to potato starch to biodegradable options and more…”

He explains that the excess water from potato processing leaves a starch substrate behind, which has the polymer properties (Amylose and Amylopectin) to go onto the next stages of plastic construction. “Interestingly due to the starch and the polymers the end result is a plastic which is actually fairly soft to the touch and creamy in colour,” Chris says.

Atlas Direct Mail is located in the Sheddingdean Industrial Park, Burgess Hill in West Sussex. Anyone interested in real samples of the wrapping product can get in touch with Chris d’Entrecasteaux at Atlas Direct Mail: