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Food service expert on how to increase the value of potatoes

Interested in getting more money out of your potatoes? It’s possible, according to Jan-Willem Grievink, CEO of FoodService Institute Netherlands. He shares 4 insights on this based on international research that his independent knowledge platform conducts into trends and developments in the food market.

The potato sector faces a big challenge. Over the last years the potato has become a topic of discussion related to health: it would be a starch bomb and a carbohydrate bomb. Also the concept of fast food has given the potato a negative connotation.

Says Grievink: “The sector must get the right balance in the intrinsic qualities of the product, the demands of the consumer and the image and experience. Make the connection with fruit and vegetables instead of a greasy snack. It is time to come up with new things that shake off the negative image. The image determines growth. If the sector succeeds in making the potato attractive again, the rest will come automatically. The potato deserves it; it is too good a product.”

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