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Argentinian company exported seed potatoes to PepsiCo Vietnam

PepsiCo Argentina reports in a press release that Papsud S.A. recently exported a shipment of locally produced seed potatoes to PepsiCo’s subsidiary in Vietnam for the fifth consecutive year. Papasud S.A., based in Mar del Plata in the province of Buenos Aires, is a family owned potato producing company and operated by Juan and Leandro Pérsico.

This time a total of 7 containers with 161 tonnes of high quality seed potatoes were exported to Vietnam, according to the release. The seed will be planted in that country with the aim of eventually producing around 6,000 tonnes of processing potatoes for the Frito-Lay production facility in Vietnam.

In Argentina, PepsiCo annually purchases about 50 thousand tonnes of potatoes from farmers. More than 80% are produced in the Balcarce, Tandil and Otamendi regions, close to the Frito-Lay plant in Mar del Plata. This facility was recently expanded with 6 production lines, which enables the company to increase output of salty snacks by as much as 80%.

Read the full press release in the Spanish language on the PepsiCo Argentina website