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Ex-Director of J.R. Simplot publishes book on GMO potatoes

The Ex-Director of J.R. Simplot and team leader at Monsanto, Caius Rommens, was interviewed by Sustainable Pulse on the same day that his book ‘Pandora’s Potatoes: The Worst GMOs’ was released on Amazon this week. Rommens previously worked for 26 years as a genetic engineer, saying that he created hundreds of thousands of different GM potato varieties at a direct cost of about $50 million.

One of the questions put to him was why the GM potatoes he helped to create should not be grown by farmers or eaten by the public, although approved in several countries, including the US, Canada and Japan. “What would you like to say to the FDA and EPA?

Rommens: “The main problem about the current process for deregulation of GMO crops is that it is based on an evaluation of data provided by the developers of GMO crops. There is a conflict of interest. I propose that the safety of GMO crops is assessed by an independent group of scientists trained at identifying unintended effects.

He also says during the interview that “it is amazing that the USDA and FDA approved the GM potatoes by only evaluating our own data. How can the regulatory agencies assume there is no bias?”

Rommens says he left J.R. Simplot “when my ‘pro-biotech’ filter was wearing thin and began to shatter; when I discovered the first mistakes.”

Read the full interview with Caius Rommens on Sustainable Pulse here.

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