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Study: Precision farming a trend that keeps global innovation execs up at night

Lux Research is a provider of market intelligence solutions, helping global companies identify the tech innovation opportunities that drive growth. In a recent article, the company lists the “top innovation questions your peers are asking about in 2018”.

Lux Research is of the opinion that the race is on for technologies that can lower initial costs and prove strong return on investment for the future of food, health, and wellness, with opportunities including precision agriculture, the microbiome, and alternative proteins.

Plant and soil health complexity are driving a lot of interest, Lux Research says, including a spike in the integration of soil testing and soil monitoring solutions. The digitization of agriculture through new tools like optical sensors presents strong opportunities, especially for developers that can lower upfront costs and prove return on investment versus conventional methods. Alternative proteins are also on the radar for innovation executives, with approaches ranging from plant proteins to insect proteins to cellular agriculture picking up more and more funding.

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